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For 10 years I worked in the international non-profit space and had the privilege of traveling the world as a writer, researcher, project manager and workshop facilitator.  In 2014 I joined the team behind the film Shadeism: Digging Deeper as an Associate and Post Production Producer.  This first time Producer role brought me full circle, back to the beginning of dreams I had forgotten were mine - but that’s a story for another day. I believe in the power of media to frame and reframe the ways we understand the world, a power that should be wielded responsibly. As 1/3 of 43°North Productions and a believer in the seemingly impossible, I endeavour to always push boundaries and make space for all of us to tell our own stories.

I am Nayani, one whole third of 43°North Productions. I am a actor, director, producer, and writer for the screen. I have a strange laugh, I’m more than a little awkward, and my head is (almost) always in the clouds. Clearly, I am a Ravenclaw girl. As a confused (daydreaming) undergrad student, I came to film as a saving grace for my storytelling dreams, a medium where I could share nuanced stories that truly reflect the world around me, stories that make us feel something and want to do/be better. I hope that through our work here, we will continue to create space for change to transpire and build with others to help create the world we dream of through screens across the world. 

Explorer, lucid dreamer, soca addict and now producer. A recent retiree from a 10-year career in corporate marketing and communications for global financial institutions, I now spend my days writing and producing stories for the screen. I started my new journey with 43°North Productions, but I am no stranger to storytelling. Whether on stage, in song, through movement or in my writing, I’ve been a storyteller since I was young. Now, as a part of this trio of magical womyn, I’m blessed to be able to create rich narratives and diverse characters for the screen. As I reclaim the voice of my youth and work to make my passion my work, I'm committed to inspiring and empowering others through the stories we tell.

All Images c/o Kelley Raye